About Kunzum

We love to tell stories at Kunzum.

Stories of hope. Of laughter. Of inspiration. Ones that help us lead happier, enriched, fulfilling lives.

Stories that bring about political, social, economic and environmental change.

Or those that just entertain or thrill. 

Narrated by those who matter. The ones we look up to.

Publishing at Kunzum

A boutique publishing label founded by Ajay Jain, who himself has authored books across genres.

We strongly believe in the integrity of the published word, and strive to uphold values befitting the industry we are in.

And we pursue the highest standards of research, writing, editing and design.

Backed by strong marketing & distribution globally to ensure the books get their due readership.

We can achieve the above goals only if we work with select authors. To give each book all the possible attention, care and love.